DG NOTAP Urges Black Caucus to Explore International Funding for Nigerian Researchers

The Director General, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) Dr. DanAzumi Ibrahim has called for international support for Research and Development R&D efforts in Nigeria.

He made the call when he received a visiting team from the Congressional Black Caucus of the State of Georgia U.S.A who paid a courtesy call on the Management of NOTAP at the Office headquarters in Abuja.

Dr. Ibrahim said in the process of delivering on its mandate, NOTAP has realized that the research and development activities in the country is at a very low gear because of poor funding and for Nigerians to be able to access the numerous international funding outside the country they need to write bankable proposals that can compete across the globe. He said NOTAP has in the past partnered with organizations like UNESCO and ISESCO to train Nigerian researchers on writing proposals that can compete across the globe.

“NOTAP through this process had trained over 300 researchers with quite a number of them beginning to access global funding and patents have started emerging which is the future for Nigeria. We don’t have any option than to see all efforts put to materials in improving our R&D efforts because that is the future of the country and we are not under any illusion that the multinationals will come into the country to develop the country, it is our responsibility to develop our country.’’ He emphasized.

The Director General stressed that he believes that it is the capacities of the individual Nigerians that will determine the future of this nation and wants to see if there are other opportunities where NOTAP can partner with the Black Caucus, particularly to expose Nigerian researchers to source of funding facilities so that they can undertake R&D that can move Nigeria forward. He expressed appreciation for the honour bestowed on NOTAP by the Black Caucus

Earlier, leader of the delegation and Chair of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Hon. Representative Dee Dawkins-Haigler said the visit to NOTAP was predicated on the excellent work the Office is doing in science and technology development which was identified by the science department of the Georgia Assembly. She pointed out that the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus has therefore extended an invitation to NOTAP DG to meet the General Assembly with the offer of a Georgia ordinary citizenship for the efforts by the agency and service to humanity.

‘’There are so many partnership that we can do with Nigeria and its lawmakers because our system is similar especially at the state level. We can help on ethical training, leadership policy democracy and now that Nigeria has a new government with a change mantra we are waiting to see how this plays out because Nigeria is the leading economy in Africa and one of the greatest economies and Nigeria is the next frontier, but I believe that Nigeria has always been the frontier and that our brothers and sisters here know how to utilize the abundant resources for the benefit of the black people’’. She stated.

The visit of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus U.S.A was under the aegis of the African Leadership Magazine published by Dr. Ben Giami.