FATE Foundation Partners NOTAP On Innovation Promotion

The Institute for Venture Design, a subsidiary of FATE Foundation, has entered into an agreement to partner with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) in promoting innovation in Nigeria.
Officials of the Foundation led by the Co-ordinator of the Institute, Ms Olusola Adeola visited the Director General and Management Staff of NOTAP on the partnership.
She disclosed that FATE Foundation was established 12 years ago as a non-profit, private sector led organization with the aim of tackling the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria. According to her, the mission of the Foundation is to foster wealth creation by promoting business and entrepreneurial development among Nigerian youths with the aim of fostering the establishment and growth of businesses that will lead to the creation of employment for the populace. She said with the Foundation's partnership with NOTAP and the immense potentials the nation possesses, many SMEs that are technologically driven can be created in Nigeria.
Speaking on the Foundation's impact in Nigeria, a member of the team, Dr. Ade Mabogunje who also lectures at the Stanford University, United Kingdom, revealed that the Foundation had made impact in Nigeria through the encouragement given to young minds towards initiating and developing businesses through team work. He said the concept of developing ideas through team work has been proven to be effective in growing businesses citing the Japanese example. He said the Japanese concept is being introduced in businesses even amongst some of the advanced nations of the world.
He further said that knowledge, entrepreneurship, team work and capital is required for success in any business enterprise but pointed out that the key to building a lasting enterprise is team work.
Dr. Mabogunje disclosed that with team work, knowledge can be converted into technologies at a faster rate which is exactly what is needed in a developing nation like Nigeria that requires urgent intervention to solve its various socio-political and economic problems. He said the decision to partner with NOTAP is anchored on the agency's visible dedication in fostering the course of Nigeria through Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).
Receiving officials of the Foundation on behalf of the Management team, the Director General of NOTAP, Engr. Umar Buba Bindir said partnership between the two organizations at this crucial period in our nation's history is inevitable.
He pointed out that as a regulator of the consumption of Intellectual Property in Nigeria, NOTAP sees clearly the potentials that Nigeria possesses but it has remained underdeveloped due to lack of a deliberate injection of knowledge to our natural resources.
Dr. Bindir said the Office has been pro-active in triggering the development of Intellectual Property in Nigeria through projects like the Technology Story Board initiative, Naija Technotube, Naija Inventor and the promotion of technology clusters as a strategy for the promotion of innovation and wealth creation.
He said Nigeria has the potential to save Africa but asserted that this is can only be realized if organizations work as a team.