FMST Collaborates with ISESCO for the Integration of Technology Foresight for Sustainable National Development

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST) through the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) in collaboration with the Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), has commenced a strategic development initiative, for the integration of Technology Foresight (TF), to accelerate Nigeria’s technological development. To this end, a three-day Regional Workshop on ‘Integrating Technology Foresight for Sustainable Development’ has been planned to take place in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) from Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th February, 2011, to fine-tune the initiative. Technology Foresight is a development paradigm that helps in the identification of areas of strategic research and emerging technologies with the potential to yield the greatest economic and social benefits. It is regarded as the most up-stream element of the technology development process with its ability to provide support to innovation, and incentives and assistance to enterprises in the area of technology management, and technology transfer leading to enhanced competitiveness and growth. It’s outcomes, therefore, are policies and programmes that deal with innovation, industrial growth and competitiveness. NOTAP identified that under the ISESCO Action Plan of 2010-2012, it is implementing international and regional workshops on Technology Foresight with the aim of using it as a tool in designing policies and strategies that exploit emerging and critical technologies for the benefit of member states. In order to evolve a R&D system in tune with the needs of sustainable economic development in respect to changing technological trends, ISESCO is willing to provide know-how and technical support to re-orient education and research in the academia of member states to enable them meet sustainable economic development demands of the 21st century. This opportunity was captured and capitalized by NOTAP for the benefits of Nigeria. The collaboration between NOTAP and ISESCO which started in 2009, is now witnessing the 4th collaborative workshop on Technology Foresight. The objectives of the workshop include creating synergies on the future of science, technology and innovation for economic development; creating the platform to coordinate R&D plans and Science and Technology forecasts and to trigger the production of highly qualified human capital to meet the needs of emerging technologies. The other objectives are to develop consensus on research priorities, shared vision on the future of Science and Technology for Development as well as outline future strategies of technology, commercialization, transfer and promotion in line with global norms. The workshop which will attract renowned speakers and practitioners from within and outside Nigeria is targeted at scientists, researchers, the academia, public and private innovation institutions, the Organized Private Sector (OPS), non-governmental and non-profit making organizations and development partners.