NIPRD Partner With NOTAP to Improve Herbal Products

In its bid to improve the production and efficacy of traditional herbal products, the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) is partnering with the National Office for Technological Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) to improve its strategies in pharmaceutical technology.

The director general of NIPRD, Professor Karniyus Gamaniel, speaking on the partnership said that it would guide them on how to protect and improve the development of local products.

In his words "our role is to link the modern technological process with traditional knowledge apart from other medicine that we develop, NOTAP which is the focus institution on technology promotion acquisition would guide the process of transferring this technology and also ensure the protection of international properties".

Earlier the Director-General of NOTAP Engr. Umar Bindir noted that NIPRD is a branded pharmaceutical institution not only in West Africa but in the whole of Africa.

He continued, "It is natural for the relevant agencies to rally around such institutions to make sure they work together to push our country forward in this specialist health sector, they have completely decoded the linkages between traditional medicinal practices and the formal practices, they have decoded the processes of coming out with formal medicine from leaves in the bush," Engineer Bindir stated.

The NOTAP boss then called on the Federal Government to support research to enable NIPRD showcase what it is capable of producing to the rest of the world, saying, "for Nigeria to actually make progress in this specialized area, the traditionally automated economy that makes you very visible and important in the world must be explored".

"Science and technology have been evolving in clusters irrespective of where the ministry or agency is located; therefore we are trying to forge what we call the national system of innovation.

Institution that have got similar mandate must evolve together and avoid working in silence so that we can put our country in the map of technological progress," he added

The NOTAP boss commended NIPRD for having the highest level of capability and capacity, in terms of manpower; he therefore advised them to jealously guard their research processes and equipments so as to maintain the patent rights for the nation's interest and prestige.

Ruby Leo