NOTAP to collaborate with NAPEP in eradication of poverty

The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) and the National Agency for Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) are collaborating with a view to eradicating abject poverty in the country.
The synergy was initiated after a brilliant paper presentation made by the Director General of NOTAP, Engr. Umar Buba Bindir when he led a delegation of NOTAP Management staff on a courtesy visit to the National coordinator of NAPEP in his cooperate headquarters Abuja.
Engr. Bindir said his agency is desirous of collaborating with NAPEP since no nation can completely eradicate poverty without adequate deployment of science, technology and innovation which is being promoted by NOTAP. He added that with strategic partnership between the two agencies, the mandate and activities of NAPEP towards the eradication of poverty will begin to yield positive results as NAPEP would be linked to viable research results in tertiary and research institution yearning for attention.
He decried the level of disconnect between the academia and the industry which according to him is responsible for the low level of technological development of the country. He opined that poverty can only be eradicated when Nigeria develops technologically to the level that science will turn to technology, and technologies turns to innovation while innovations metamorphous into tangible products.
The DG further stated that the academic curriculum of Nigerian schools from primary to tertiary levels should be amended to meet the global academic trend whereby research works are channeled towards solving problems. He said Nigeria produce oil and gas, yet no single University in Nigeria has a department of oil and gas where the critical mass of skilled manpower on oil and gas are trained.
He said in exercising her mandate, NOTAP sees the level of consumption of foreign technologies in Nigeria and therefore advocates for a policy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to ensure that Nigerian’s science, technology and innovation culture is strengthen for the development of the country.
The National Coordinator of NAPEP, Alhaji Muktar Tafawa Balewa said fostering synergy with NOTAP and other relevant agencies would fast track the eradication of poverty in the country. He therefore commended the Director General of NOTAP for his eloquent and inspiring paper presentation and said synergy is the only sure way of developing the country instead of agencies working in isolation.
Alhaji Muktar further disclosed that his agency has done a lot in alleviation of poverty in the country but said NAPEP’s efforts may not be felt by all Nigerians if this kind of synergy is not promoted. He added that agencies like Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and other relevant agencies would be involved in the collaboration with NOTAP to strengthen the synergy.
Recalling a part of the presentation by DG NOTAP which ascribed to the fact that Nigerian’s population of over 170 million was an added advantage to the country, Alhaji Muktar corroborated but emphasized that there should be high level synergy to ensure an accelerated growth and development of the country.
He said with NOTAP’s drive, the needed linkage between the industry and the academia which is instrumental to the development of the desired skilled manpower will be achieved.
He further promised to contact other agencies earmarked for the collaboration and communicate NOTAP for a meeting to streamline duties and responsibilities of each party in the collaboration.