NOTAP, NPC collaborate to increase national productivity.

The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) and the National Productivity Centre (NPC) are to collaborate in the promotion and deployment of appropriate technologies for increased national productivity.

The decision for the two organizations to work in partnership was reached when the Director General of NPC, Dr. Paul Bdliya, led members of his Management team in a visit to NOTAP headquarters in Abuja.

Dr. Bdliya said at the event that NPC was very conscious of the strategic importance of technology as a veritable tool to drive national productivity and added that, “it is against this background that we at NPC wish to explore new windows of collaboration with NOTAP that would by and large, enhance the realization of our organization mandates and common goals of sustainable growth and development in our economy.”

In his response, the Director General of NOTAP, Engr. Umar Bindir, said that the synergy between his agency and NPC was a natural necessity and emphasized that there cannot be productivity without the promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). He stated that NOTAP was established as one of the main instruments of the Federal Government to implement the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation which “stipulates the encouragement of the flow of relevant technology into the country in order to strengthen industrial development and encourage domestic enterprises to acquire foreign technologies that are suitable to the local environment.” At the same time, concerted efforts are made to develop locally motivated technologies.

Engr. Bindir said that as part of its activities, NOTAP evaluates and registers technology transfer agreements, between Nigerian entrepreneurs and their foreign technical partners, for implementation in Nigeria. He regretted that information obtained from this activity demonstrated that Nigerians within the country were not involved in performing, for example, feasibility studies for multinational companies due to lack of expertise.

He further lamented that because of our low technological capacity our national productivity is low. “We have crude oil but import refined petroleum products, we have vast arable land but import rice, we have cows but import cow milk, and we have fruit plants but import fruit juice concentrates.”

He stated that the promotion of technology innovation would serve as a boost for national productivity and commended the Director General of NPC for taking the initiative to explore areas of collaboration with NOTAP.

As part of the strategy to promote technology for improved national productivity, the two organizations agreed to organise national workshops and exhibitions of appropriate technologies for the enhancement of national productivity.

NOTAP and NPC also agreed to collaborate in implementing NPC’s Productivity and Quality Improvement Programme (P&QIP) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their productivity.

Adokiye Dagogo-George
Head Public Relations