NOTAP Seeks Strategic Alliance with ICPC

The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) is seeking strategic alliance with the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) to strengthen its mandate on technology transfer.
Director General of NOTAP, Engr. Umar Buba Bindir sought for the alliance with ICPC this when he led a delegation of NOTAP Management on a courtesy visit to the chairman of the ICPC, Barrister Ekpo Nta.
Engr. Bindir said since the establishment of NOTAP 34 years ago, the Office has been involved in registering technology transfer contracts as its main mandate. He added that within the past ten years saved NOTAP had saved the nation more than One Trillion Naira which would have gone out of the country as capital flight through its intervention in technology transfer contracts agreements.
The Director General, however, regretted that despite the long existence of the Office, Nigeria has not been able to use the Office like other nations did to develop technologically. He pointed out, examples, like Brazil who used their technology regulatory agency to enter the process of manufacturing aircrafts using indigenous knowhow while Malaysia also used theirs to harness indigenous pool of building skills that have developed the nation’s infrastructures.
He revealed that many companies are not registering their technology transfer contracts with NOTAP and pointed out that many others bring their technology contracts into the country as turnkey projects thereby making their contracts inaccessible to NOTAP for assessment and registration. This situation, according to him, made it easier for them to avoid the important clause of training Nigerians on imported technologies thus allowing them to bring expatriates to solve technical problems with the resultant huge foreign exchange expenditure.
Engr. Umar Bindir also revealed that many companies operating in Nigeria declare different figures to government revenue regulatory agencies as their yearly turnovers which makes it difficult to regulate them with the resultant lost of huge foreign exchange to the nation. He therefore called for closer collaboration amongst government revenue regulatory agencies to block every loophole that would lead to capital flight.
The Director General decried the situation where Nigeria imports virtually everything despite our massive intellectual infrastructure and called for partnership with ICPC to help raise the profile of NOTAP using an innovative means to ensure companies register their technology transfer contracts with NOTAP and also declare their actual turnovers.
Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), Barrister Ekpo Nta, while welcoming the NOTAP delegation said that most nations that are facing international opposition are those who have internalized their technologies citing examples of Iran and Korea. He said in Africa, Ethiopia has used aircraft management technology to drive its economy.
Barrister Nta revealed that ICPC has a good mix of technocrats and experts on its board and is willing to partner with NOTAP. ‘’ One of our mandates is to review and enforce processes. We will do a system study and when we come out with conclusion we will ensure enforcement.’’He stressed.

The ICPC Chairman revealed that the commission has delegated board members who are handling different sectors of the economy and assured that ICPC will work with NOTAP to ensure that its mandate is strengthened for Nigeria’s technological development.