Technology, Intellectual Property, tools for economic development - Minister

Technology and Intellectual Property system have been described as one of the most important factors in nation building, wealth creation and economic development. The Minister of Science and Technology, Professor Ita Okon Bassey Ewa, on the occasion of the commemoration of African Day for Technology and Intellectual Property in Abuja, said that the decision of the African leaders to declare a day for the commemoration of the role of Technology and Intellectual Property in African continent is a positive direction towards searching for technology self reliance, sustainable socio-economic and industrial development of the continent.
Prof. Ewa who affirmed the usefulness of technology as a tool for enhancing national competitiveness, noted that nations are no longer valued in terms of their population, geographical landmass or mineral resources, but on the organic mass of knowledge in their entire citizens.
"Technology and IPR have taken a global dimension in determining the positive/status of nations in designing and ' participating in the construction of international power equation and determining regions of investment by multinational corporations," he said. According to him, recent global developments have made it evident that natural resources endowment is no longer the prime source of national wealth, maintaining that science, technology and innovation have become the key driving force for propelling national economies.
Prof. Ewa noted that the commemoration of the African Day for Technology and Intellectual Property Rights is one of the ways his Ministry through NOTAP have endeavored to popularise science.